Frank Brazil

by The Ska Vengers

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Frank Brazil pays tribute to Indian revolutionary Udham Singh and is scheduled for release on 31 July 2015 which marks the 75th anniversary of Singh’s execution at London’s Pentonville Prison. It follows the 21 years of Udham Singh's life following the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre in 1919, leading up to the assassination of Michael O'Dwyer and his execution in Pentonville Prison shortly after.



Verse 1 (Delhi Sultanate)
India travel to Africa
Africa …travel to America
America link the Gaddar Party
Try and do things far away from home

One day
Travel down to Germany
Italy France and ina Switzerland
1934 I reach England
and get ready for assassination

Chorus (Begum X)
Judge won’t you hear my plea
Before you open up the court
I don’t care If I spend 99 years in jail
Or you send me to the electric chair

Verse 2
Travel the heart of meifumado battle with some hardship
Pan patroll stroll into my target
One question before we get started
You know what a one way ticket to the morgue is

Body bags stacked up ina cold storage
Crush my culture and said it was garbage
Now we’re ruled by the cruel rule of the free market
Ask some cracker grandpa what a cat o nine tail scar is

Judge won’t you hear my plea
Before you open up the court
I don’t care If I spend 99 years in jail
Or you send me to the electric chair

Verse 3
Under pressure - we combust
Bredrin stay focused and conscious
But the board of directors so unjust
Feel the tension of my ancestors in my muscle fiber and now im ready to crush

Middle (Begum X)
Shot him with my 6 chamber
Zetland by his side
Down in Caxton Hall
Where he wallowed down and died
Now I’m on my journey to a Brixton prison cell
Tell the judge and jury that i did my time well

Ive been on my journey
To the devil down below
Now I done killed my man
Let them reap just what they sow

Judge, judge, O Lordy judge
Send me to the ‘electric chair


released July 28, 2015
Stefan ‘Flexi’ Kaye - piano, tumbi, xylophone, percussions, string arrangement
Delhi Sultanate - vocals
Begum X - vocals
Tony Bass - bass
The Late Nikhil Vasudevan - drums
Chaitanya Bhalla - guitar
Raghav Dang - guitar
Mathias Durand - guitar
Maddy Bhatt - dhol/dholak
Anna da Costa - violin
Amitavo Roy - viola/violin
Ramen Paul - cello
Emmanuel Niubb - cello
Kunal Lhodia - Indian congas
Paul Schneiter - Indian congas

recorded at Katharas Studio, Saraswati Music College, New Delhi
producer - Stefan Kaye
co-producer - Paul Schnieter
sound engineer - Paul Schneiter
audio mix - Miti Adhikari at Top Step productions, London/Kolkata
mastering - Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios, London

management - Laiq Qureshi (Urban Beat Project)




all rights reserved


The Ska Vengers New Delhi, India

Live eight-piece dance/ska band kicking up a rumpus in India.


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